Quem Somos

A SGS Construtora vem edificando seu nome nas áreas de construções e assessorias em projetos. Conta com um corpo técnico competente, que evoluí constantemente para propor as melhores soluções aos seus parceiros e clientes.


With a modern, innovative vision as well as good engineering practice in Brazilian civil construction, the Civil Engineers Fabricio Marcos Gabiatti and Fernando José Santin started the successful path of SGS Engineering and Works. The company’s name comes from the happy union of their surnames’ initials. The company started on June 10th, 2013 and from the beginning it was the result of effort, boldness and determination to envisage major challenges for the organization, all of what has strengthened the name of SGS in design and construction throughout South Brazil. SGS has as main goals the respect for its clients based on responsibility and innovation which is obtained through a continuous work for excellence in the art of constructing and projecting delivering not only services, but life’s values and credibility thus increasing its commitment to a fairer and perfect society. The company possesses a highly qualified personnel and has as main goals the constant improvement and solution innovations on its projects and constructive methods on constructions executed all over Brazil.


Design and responsible constructing, innovation and respect for the customer.


To be recognized for excellence in design and construction in southern Brazil.


  • Life first;
  • Do what is right;
  • Valuing Confidence;
  • Responsibility;
  • Integrity;
  • Commitment to a fairer society;
  • Nossa Metodologia

    A SGS atua com Soluções de Engenharia que atendem todos os processos para a construção de um novo empreendimento, desde as necessidades primárias do cliente até a entrega da obra. Entenda melhor como funciona nosso processo de trabalho.